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Can Anyone Help with Identification ?

Saturday, December 30th, 2006 @ 10:53 News
two ring

Whilst on a Macro dive at Kapalai, Joanne’s keen eye pays off with the discovery of a tiny Octopus. After studying our series of photographs we are still unable to identify the species. We believe it is related to the Blue Ring Octopus due to obvious similarities. We’ve been in contact with Marine Biologist friends in Australia and to our knowledge this is currently undescribed. If anyone has seen or knows anything about this delightful critter please contact us, we would welcome your input. For the purpose of a common name we’ve called it the Two Ring Octopus.


Mandarin Valley, Kapalai, Celebes Sea, Sabah Borneo



Distinguishing Factors:

Single blue ring either side of the Mantle (body), skin flaps above the eyes, extended frontal appendage in the centre of the eyes.


2cm including tentacles


Rings displayed much brighter when disturbed, most likely as a warning of a venomous bite.

two ring one

Photo Clinic with a Difference !

Sunday, December 17th, 2006 @ 15:22 News
Bryde’s Whale In Kota Kinabalu

Jetting out by speedboat en- route to the islands of TARP we noticed a small gathering of local boats with many people in the water just offshore of Gaya Island.

Two friends from Sarawak were with us as we were conducting a Photo Clinic. Sadly the center of attention was a beached 21m Bryde’s Whale, which soon became the the subject of a massive rescue effort by the diving community and government officials. That evening at high tide and after a very long day the creature was towed from the reef. Unfortunately it was found dead the following day at almost the same spot. Due to the fact we were focusing on the Photo Clinic with our friends Matthew and Lee, we were without our own cameras, however Lee kindly supplied us with these images.

Sad as it was that the creature died, it was an amazing experience to be in the water with such a magnificent animal.

Thanks to Foo Sze Lee for these images !