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Saving the TAR Park from yet another Net

Saturday, January 15th, 2011 @ 11:32 Diving Kota Kinabalu, News, Project AWARE

Today's net snagged on the corals and menacingly wafting above the reefDownbelow removed yet another net from the TAR Park today

One of the team, Cyril, untangling and saving a puffer fish

In so doing they spared the national park, situated off shore from Kota Kinabalu, from another onslaught on its marine environment.

Divemaster Tim Tam spotted the offender with his keen eyes and the Downbelow team got ready for action.

The net removal was conducted by James this time, as Richard was out stationed.

Thankfully the team managed to cut the net loose and remove it from the environment quite quickly.

Sitting up above the reef, as it was, the net could have been particularly destructive.

Serious environmental damage potential in a basket.In this position it snags anything swimming by, trapping and eventually killing it.

PADI’s Project AWARE bags once again made removal of the discarded fishing equipment easier, and Downbelow happily scored a point for Team Nature.

The Downbelow team involved in this net removal. Captain Planet would be proud.Downbelow urges TAR Park divers to be vigilant during their dives.

Please report any nets to Downbelow, we will be happy to remove them.

If you live and Sabah and you’re an avid diver would like to get more involved with diving in Kota Kinabalu, then consider our Dive Club.

The Dive Club is open only to locals and residents of Sabah.

It’s meant as a way to encourages locals to enjoy and get involved in protecting the natural beauty in their own back yard.

You will enjoy discounted dives, courses and equipment, plus be invited to our Project AWARE cleanup days as an opportunity to give back to the environment.

For more information, call, email or visit us. Check out the contact page for more information.

Downbelow Removes Illegal Net from TAR Park Corals

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011 @ 18:05 Diving Kota Kinabalu, News, Project AWARE

Many fish died in the illegal net found caught on corals in the TAR ParkDownbelow today responded to an illegal fishing net stuck on a reef in the TAR Park here just offshore from Kota Kinabalu.

Ever vigilant to factors which could harm the natural environment of the national marine park, Downbelow sprang into action and removed the entire menace from the area.

“At over 80m long, the net was one of the worst we have encountered,” said Richard after the net was cut into pieces and brought to the surface.

“Not only was it smothering the delicate corals like a carpet, but large amounts were sitting up in midwater entangling all kinds of marine life.”

Due to the more active involvement of all concerned in the protection of the TAR Park, life has steadily been returning.

This claim is proven by increased sightings of shark, frogfish, and even the odd Napoleon Wrasse and Blue Ring Octopus.

The A Team - Richard loves it when a net comes apart

Because of such progress, when the net was reported to Richard, he quickly formulated a plan of action to deal with it and minimize its impact.

The Downbelow team was mobilised and and set about undoing the damage done by coral entangled net.

Not only did the team manage to remove the net, but many of the trapped and entangled creatures were saved, such as crabs, stonefish and various other victims.

Richard also took plenty of pictures for the official report handed to Sabah Parks.

Divers who come across nets during their dives in the TAR Park can report them to us, we’ll be happy to help remove it.