Leaffish & Velvetfish Field Guide

Order: Scorpaeniformes

Identification for Divers.

Leaf Fish – Taenianotus triacanthus and Cockatoo Waspfish – Ablabys taenianoyus

There are a number of common name variations for these species. The Leaf Fish with an unusually thin compressed appearance gently sway in the surge like a dead leaf. The Cockatoo Waspfish is quite easily recognized by the long sail like dorsal fin which originates above the eyes.

Phantom Velvet Fish – Paraploactis kagoshimensis

The fish has a mixture of appearence between the elongated body of wasp fish and chunkiness of the scorpion fish, all three are related. Amazingly this is a fish that can not swim as they have evolved without a gas bladder making them negatively buoyant.

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