They Enjoyed the Snokeling and Love Our Dive Centre

Friday, April 23rd, 2010 @ 10:20 Guestbook

Hi Jo

Just a quick note to say thanks to you both for our visit to Gaya – we were really surprised – given past experiences of KK bay, our expectations weren’t really up there, but we had a great time, enjoyed the snorkeling and loved your dive centre.

Fidelis also did a good job in looking after us. I think we may do a couple of courses in the summer – the little guy is interested in doing his Open Water – despite getting stung by a Jelly – I’ll be back in touch about this nearer the time.

Also thanks to Richard for his suggestion about the walk via the Mangrove Swamp – Heather and I loved it.

If a testimonial is useful let me know.

Hope the Army visit is going well.



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