Mount Kinabalu April Climb Promotions

April PROMOTION: Mount Kinabalu Climbing Packages

Laban Rata Rest House 3330m ASL

Last Minute Great Value for Money Climbing Packages Available.

MYR 840.00 per person for 3D/2N Accommodation & Full Board Meals. GST Inclusive.

MYR 1350.00 per person for 3D/2N Full Package including Accommodation & Full Board Meals, KK – KNP Return Transfers, Internal Park Transfers, Climbing Permits, Mountain Guide, Insurance, Entrance Fees, Certificate. GST Inclusive.

View the package here: 2D/1N Mount Kinabalu Climb

1st Night: Poring Hot Springs
2nd Night: Laban Rata Resthouse

Available Slots
8th – 10th April

MYR 1250.00 per person for 2D/1N Full Package including Accommodation & Full Board Meals, KK – KNP Return Transfers, Climbing Permits, Mountain Guide, Insurance, Entrance Fees, Certificate. GST Inclusive.

View the package here: 3D/2N Mount Kinabalu Climb

Available Slots
9th – 10th April

Contact us for BOOKING
Tel: (+6) 012 866 1935

Work Experience to PADI Open Water!

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I was at the Downbelow Dive Centre which is in Gaya Island for four days because I was taking my PADI Open Water Course. I got to learn most of the underwater skills and some skills on the sea surface. There are five confined waters and four open water dives. I got to learned the skills during the confined waters and used up some of the skills during the dives. As I learned the most important rule when going on a dive is we must breath slowly, deeply and never hold our breath and equalise each meter or few feet if we don’t we will feel discomfort in the ear, sinuses and other air spaces in our body parts. When going on a dive we must dive with a buddy to help us if we have problem underwater, during on the sea surface or out of air in our cylinder. The part that I like the most is learning to control buoyancy inside the water. It is fun to learn because we can float underwater but for the first few times I can’t really buoy myself because I still can’t really control my body movements underwater. Besides doing confined water and open water dives, there is also exams on the paper. I did it and now I’m an Open Water diver. I am looking forward to do more dives in the future because life in the underwater is so amazing and beautiful. Thank you, Downbelow!

Heather Zeta Ludi

Downbelow experience in Sabah’s tourism industry!

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On Tuesday, 17th of November 2015. I learned about the marketing for Downbelow with Elizabeth. She explained to me what does she do everyday and how does it work. She taught me how to promote Downbelow in the websites that she posts everyday. After that, I counted the stocks for the t-shirts.

On Wednesday, 18th of November 2015. I counted the stocks at the storage to see if there is still enough food, beverages and also other materials for the office, lodge and the beach house at the island. After that, I filed up the papers and I got to learn how to aluminate the papers. Then, I got to learn how to order stocks from other company and fax them the list of items that is needed from them. Besides that, I also got to learn how to make transfer list.

On Thursday, 19th of November 2015. I went to the island with my mentor, Sarah. We went there to dive and it is called Discovery Scuba Diving. It was quite scary because it is my first time to dive in the ocean. During briefing I was already scared because I thought I couldn’t do all the skills inside the water. After the briefing and change into our wet suits, we went inside the water to test the skills that was told by the instructor. I failed doing it few times and finally I manage to do it even though there are problems in the beginning. Then, we went back to the beach house to rest for a while and then we continue the second session open water discovery 1. We went down from the jetty and I have to jump using giant stride. At first I was panic when I jumped from the jetty because my mask slipped out from my face. But then luckily I was all right. So we went down deeper we dived at the beach shore reef. It was nice and many fishes there. I was scared so I keep on holding the instructor so that I feel safe. After diving for half an hour we went up to the surface and take lunch. After lunch, we continue for the second dive in married reef. We went there by a speedboat. When we reached there I have to dive from the boat. I was also scared but I did it. Then, we went down in there I saw many types of fishes and I saw a moray eel too. I didn’t know the name of the fishes but it so colorful and so beautiful. I finally got to see a clownfish and its own coral where it stays. We went on, then for the first time I saw a school of fishes swimming and I got more excited. I was hoping to see a turtle but I didn’t. Half an hour later we went up back to the surface. I was shocked we were some where far from the place we went down. Few minutes later the boat came and fetch us. We went back to the island then change into dry clothes. I received a certificate from the instructor. I felt so happy and it was very fun to dive. I hope I can go diving again and this time I hope I can see a turtle.

That’s my report for today.

Heather Zeta Ludi

Downbelow Work Experience Memoirs!

Hello, my name is Heather Zeta Ludi. I am fifteen years old and I am schooling at SM St Joseph Papar. Now it is the school’s holiday for two months. There is nothing to do in this month of November besides going out with my family or friends and going for my usual sports training. So, I decided to find a job to fill my leisure times and getting some experiences on how working really is.

My father got a job for me at Downbelow in Kota Kinabalu Times Square. After my father told me about the news that I am going to be working. I was very excited about it but at the same time feeling lazy as well. Finally I got to overcome the feeling of laziness and packed my stuffs to stay with my father.

On Monday, 9th of November 2015, was my first day of internship at Downbelow. I was introduced to each staff there by one of the staff there too which is my mentor and I also met the director After that, I began doing the works that I was asked to do.

First of all, I was asked to follow one of the staff to check on the stocks for the office, lodge, and beach house at the island. I learned that it is important to check all the stocks because everyday the stocks are subtracting and new stocks are coming. So it is a must to write down the number of things or food and beverages left and which is need to be added some more. Besides that, I also did some counting one the books stocks and filed up the papers.

The next day, on Tuesday 10th of November 2015. I did the same work as I did on the first day but only filing up the papers because I haven’t done doing it and there are few more files that I haven’t finish filing. I only took half a day to work because it is the Indian’s public holiday, which is Deepavali.

On Wednesday, 11th of November 2015. I filed up the papers that I haven’t finished doing yet. After that, I counted the masks, gloves, and hoods to make sure that the number of the equipment are the same as it is stated on the paper. Then, I learned about the fishes, sea slugs, and coral reefs. I got to know that there are seven types of Clownfish and I was a little curious about it. I looked at the commercial playing on the screen at the diving shop. So I asked many questions from my mentor. She answered my questions and I was amazed and can’t wait to dive at the island. I also got to know what is the full name for PADI.

On Thursday, 12th of November 2015. I read more about the marine biology. Then, my mentor explained to me about the gears and suits that is being use by the divers inside the sea. After that, my mentor demonstrates to me how to put on the diving equipment and what is the use of the equipment. I also learned how to attach broken straps to the underwater watches. Lastly, I combined the registration forms for the divers and also counted the stocks for the underwater torch or headlamps.


Heather Zeta Ludi

‘Sleepover-ready’ at Downbelow Adventure Lodge Dormitory Accommodation !

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It’s ‘sleepover-ready’ at Downbelow Adventure Lodge for dormitory accommodation and there are 3 dormitory-style rooms available to cater to our travelling groups on their many expeditions around Sabah, Borneo!

‘Kinabatangan’, ‘Sepilok’ and ‘Coral’ are their respective names and are able to comfortably accommodate 12 pax per dormitory room. They were purposely designed with our many travelling groups that visit our operations each year, which are usually student groups from schools and universities all over the world – from the UK to Dubai to Australia! Group adventure travel is fast becoming a popular choice of travelling because of the ‘community’ atmosphere, and the friendships created from the shared travel experience!

Get more information on our Downbelow Adventure Lodge page on Facebook, and contact us for a personalised itinerary with a night or two in between your Sabah tours with us.

Celebrating Halloween 2015 with a ‘Ghost Net’ removal!

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Celebrating Halloween 2015 with a ‘Ghost Net’ removal was fitting – to show the macabre effects on the local marine environment in TARP from an illegally dumped fishing net!

Soon after the net was found on a dive site, a team of our dedicated and full time professionals and Go PRO interns assembled to remove it, and they did it in a single dive. Internship candidates Mike, Ian, Ashley and Katie valued the experience so much, for the positive contribution towards the Project AWARE movement, and a passion that divers share: marine conservation! It’s been more than 150 net removals in the past decade, all of which have been fully sponsored by our Downbelow operations with necessary dive logistics and the manpower of experienced professional divers, and our support for Sabah’s local environmental authorities to preserve and protect will continue indefinitely!

Get more details on how to get involved in marine conservation projects at our premier PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre, in Sabah, Borneo!

Promotion to witness Borneo Wildlife & Sea Turtles!

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Downbelow’s Travel Centre is offering a promotion to experience our 4D3N program to visit the protected Selingan Turtle Island, followed by 2 nights along the Kinabatangan River!

THIS promotion is on a first come, first served!…actually there will be only the one lucky guest (or TWO rather!) to take advantage of this rare promotion! The first night will be spent at Selingan Turtle Island where there is a chance to witness turtles laying their eggs on the beach and hatchlings entering the sea too. For the next two nights, you will overnight at the boutique river lodge along the Kinabatangan River, to join river cruises and forest walks to spot as much rare and endemic Borneo wildlife! And the tour includes ‘treats’ in between: visits to the Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre and the Gomantong Caves!

Every part of the itinerary is focused on demonstrating the positive results of ecotourism, which is (apart from our clients’ safety and enjoyment, of course!) is most important to our operations corporate responsibility to care for the environment!

4Days 3Nights Selingan Turtle Island & Wildlife Adventure Program Boutique Package

RM 1,077.00 per person (Instead of RM 1,655.00 per person)

Package Includes:

• 1Night stay at Selingan Turtle Island – Twin Bedded Room with basic facilities, air-conditioned and attached bathroom
• 2Nights stay at our recommended Boutique Accommodation along the Kinabatangan River
• 4D3N Full Board Meals
• Entrance Fees
• English Speaking Guide
• Return Land Transfers
• Visits to Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre and Gomantong Caves
• River Cruises 1 morning, 2 later afternoon

Package Excludes:

• International and Domestic Flights
• Snorkel Equipment Rental at Selingan
• Alcoholic and carbonated beverages
• Video/Camera entrance fees at Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre & Gomantong Caves
• Drinking Water
• Other items not explicitly stated

Terms and Conditions

• Minimum 2 persons booking.
• Valid for travel on 25th to 28th November 2015 only.
• Rates subject to 6% Government Goods and Service Tax.

Simplest decision to Go PRO in Sabah!

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It’s the simplest decision to Go PRO in Sabah with Downbelow Marine and Wildlife Adventures!

Resident Platinum PADI Course Director Richard Swann, our Go PRO team, and our island staff team of PADI professionals: support internship candidates 100% on their journeys to achieve their goals to live the diving dream. It’s an unforgettable time in life to be a professional diver, particularly as a full time PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, and our award winning PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) is the route to start the diving dream.

For more information on becoming a ‘Pro Diver’ under our Go PRO internships, contact us for a personalised itinerary suited to your needs.

Boy Scouts ‘troop’ to Downbelow!

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American Boy Scouts Singapore Troop visit Downbelow Marine and Wildlife Adventures for a week of scuba diving!

Arriving in Kota Kinabalu, are 12 American Boy Scouts between 10-15 years old with their 4 chaperoning adults who are also their Scout Leaders. Before transferring to our premier PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre for a few nights of outdoor camping, the troop spend one night in our Downbelow Adventure Lodge located above our HQ, so when organising their many activities it’s effortless! The troop participate in a multi-activity program at our Gaya Island base camp, in which some qualify as PADI Junior Open Water Divers and others experience our daily leisure dive program and Snorkel Safari, and everyone will try the worlds’ longest island-to-island zipline too! Whatever activity it is, they all witness how beautiful both the terrestrial and underwater world can be in Tunku Abdul Rahman marine park. To gain additional Scout Merit Badges they will learn other adventure skills, such as building a campfire and using it to cook!

Get more information on travel programs our Downbelow Sabah Travel Centre experts create for you to achieve your adventure travel goals in Sabah, Borneo.