Downbelow staff turns Goth for company meal!

Friday, July 4th, 2014 @ 16:47 News


Co-workers get to know each other during working hours but it’s all in that context, and there’s a lot more to people than their work!

So to keep up our awesome ‘team-spirit’, regular company functions are organized!

Both island and office staff of Downbelow Marine and Wildlife Adventures had dinner in a hotel ballroom, everyone with a full set of shining cutlery…and everyone dressed in gothic attire.

The night was purposely ‘cabaret-ish’ and Vincent Prices’ spooky words in Michael Jackson’s Thriller on a repeated loop provided the tone of silly macabre enjoyed so much by all!

After the very civilized dinner, the evening turned into several forgettable Karaoke duets, and a gym workout of many favorite dance activities such as, the Macarena, the conga line that wouldn’t finish and a slightly aggressive ‘twist’.

Everyone had an amazing time! And even better is that friendships develop a little more too! The Goths can’t wait for the next time!

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