Flemings at Selingan Island turtle hatchery!

Saturday, August 29th, 2015 @ 08:00 Conservation, News, Sightings

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It was an amazing moment for family of four, the Flemings, at Selingan Island turtle hatchery, as they witness a sea turtle laying her eggs!

The Fleming children especially, were in awe to see a real live turtle in the wild let alone see the animal lay her eggs on the beach of Selingan Island.

On the evening of our Sabah Travel Centre’s 2D1N itinerary is what our guests look forward to most, because the rangers responsible for the turtle hatchery will invite guests to witness any sea turtle activity.

Lucky Fleming family got to witness the whole process of turtle conservation: from data collection of turtle carapace size to the incubation of turtle hatchlings.

Contribute to Sabah’s ecotourism when you choose our programs and witness for yourself the protection of Borneo nature!

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