Adventure group qualify as PADI Open Water Divers!

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Danish adventure group qualify as PADI Open Water Divers, while camping at our premier PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre on Gaya Island!

The 10 participants are on our popular 1-month Expedition Borneo program to explore Kota Kinabalu and Sabah, and learn about their chosen exotic travel destination through the best attractions. Scuba diving is definitely one of the most amazing activities to experience in Sabah, and there’s a choice of 49 dive sites within Tunku Abdul Rahman marine park to dive!

Climbing Mount Kinabalu, as far as its Laban Rata plateau at 3272.7m, on our Sabah Travel Centre’s 2D1N Climb to Laban Rata program might be one of the most exciting and highly anticipated challenges.

Contact our travel experts for a group travel itinerary to learn about our ‘Land Below the Wind’!

Adventure group try zipline action in Kota Kinabalu!

Monday, March 30th, 2015 @ 08:00 Borneo Adventure, Danish Adventure Group, Groups & Schools, News

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Our first expedition group of the year try the zipline action in Kota Kinabalu for an extra land day trip to explore more of the very best attractions in Sabah!

Zipline, wall climbing, abseiling and rope-walking activities, which are all located outdoors with a view of the beautiful Crocker Range mountain plains, is so close to Kota Kinabalu city centre! With its accessibility such a convenience for our adventure group, they had a full afternoon of fun and fitness!

One of our Sabah Travel Centre experts, Jane, escorted the group to the venue and assisted when necessary. There’s a long list of attractions in and around Kota Kinabalu, and it’s important that our travel and tours packages consist of other operations that also share our corporate responsibility to practise environmental friendliness.

This group of 20 young adventurers have already experienced many other activities within their 30-day Expedition Borneo program to discover more about Sabah, Borneo, such as climbing Mount Kinabalu – a massive achievement for any climber!

Get more information on how our Sabah Travel Centre experts can assist you to create a detailed itinerary for you and your group to explore Kota Kinabalu!

Diving with the fun-loving students of SEASFiRE!


It’s been non-stop fun at our premier PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre on Gaya Island, as a group of fun-loving students of the SEASFiRE organization from Mont Kiara International School Kuala Lumpur visit for a scuba diving adventure!

This is their second year in a row, and many participants from the previous year returned with new members joining, to learn about the marine environment, its conservation and further their PADI dive education with our team of dedicated PADI Instructors! There are a variety of recreational dive courses being conducted by several of our Instructors, who are also of varied PADI professional levels. The list of courses being taught is the Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Digital Underwater Photography Specialty, Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty and PADI Rescue Diver.

There wasn’t a dull moment as our Downbelow team educated our friends of the SEASFiRE team to explore the beautiful coral reefs of Sabah, Borneo! Get in touch with our Head Office to arrange a visit for your own group of adventurers’! We offer years’ of experience in adventure training and team building activities to tailor a suitable program for any size group!

It’s a multicultural ‘melting pot’ in Borneo!

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014 @ 15:00 Borneo Adventure, Danish Adventure Group, Groups & Schools, News



Borneo is an anthropologists’ dream! A list of the ethnic tribes in the state of Sabah alone is astounding, compared to the rest of the world and this is what makes travelling Sabah so special for our adventure group on their Expedition Borneo!

All the way from Denmark, the difference in culture is so beautifully represented in the idyllic town of Sandakan, Sabah’s former capital. During their tour of the town, their itinerary includes visiting the elaborately decorated Puu Jih Shih temple and marveling at the panoramic vista of the Sulu Sea!

Sandakan is the gateway to the heart of Borneo, and our adventurers’ will be introduced to not only culture, but to the biodiversity of wildlife that can be found along the Kinabatangan River when participating on early morning and late afternoon cruises.

A week in Sandakan is just what they need to rest and relax after learning to scuba dive at our Gaya Island beach house in Kota Kinabalu, and more importantly before their Mount Kinabalu challenge!

For more information on how we can cater a suitable Expedition Borneo! program for you to explore Sabah get in touch with our Head Office! We are experienced in organizing both small and large groups for a variety of educational adventure programs, so contact us for more details!


Danish adventurers’ learn to SCUBA on Expedition Borneo!


Expedition Borneo! is a program that invites travel enthusiasts to explore the natural beauty Sabah has to offer, and our 2nd group of adventurers’ this month from Denmark arrive at our Gaya Island beach house for overnight camping whilst learning to scuba dive on the PADI Open Water!

They will also receive a unique learning experience as they are exposed to the natural biodiversity through various island activities, such as snorkeling, kayaking and jungle trekking.

An experienced PADI Instructor of our island staff team delivers a presentation on the benefits of ocean protection, AWARE Coral Reef Conservation. The unique education we conduct takes the form of practical experience, so our island staff organizes a beach cleanup session along the shores of Gaya Island, and when snorkeling, mesh bags are brought along to collect any marine debris found. Participants of Expedition Borneo! are encouraged to reduce their ecological footprint as a result of their 30-day experience travelling Sabah!

Expedition Borneo! is a program that our travel experts can customize to suit the needs of your group, whether small or large, and create a unique Borneo adventure!

Expedition Borneo! begins for our 2nd Danish adventure group!


Travel expert Jane escorts our second adventure group to our Gaya Island beach house for a day of island hopping to explore the natural biodiversity to be found in our tropical environment!

When arriving at the Dive Centre, which is only a 10-minute ride on one of our fast speedboats, our island staff team of PADI professionals will greet them warmly and begin supervision of the group’s activity with a priority on the highest standard of safety.

The first session will be to orientate the adventurers’ with a briefing on boat safety procedures when visiting one of the 5 islands in the Tunku Abdul Rahman marine park.

Our experienced guides will bring along mesh bags gifted to our dive operations by the non-governmental organization Project AWARE. Whenever possible, the adventurers’ are encouraged to collect any marine debris they find to contribute to the efforts of preserving our marine environment, and dedicate themselves, as we do, to a ‘green’ approach.

For further information on our ‘green’ programs to explore Sabah, contact our Head Office! One of our travel experts will offer a suitable itinerary catered to the needs of your group, small or large, during your Borneo travels!

Preparing for the Mount Kinabalu challenge!


Firstly, prepare yourself mentally for the challenge of climbing to Mount Kinabalu’s highest point, Low’s Peak, if that is your goal! Don’t underestimate the 4,095 metres of rock that is Sabah’s iconic landmark – it’s challenging in every way, but so worth it!

Frequently, adventure groups from Denmark visit Sabah on our 30-day Expedition Borneo! program, and climbing Mount Kinabalu is included in their itinerary.

On a list of items to climb with, every single item must be needed, so no need for bikinis! Circle the word raincoat many, many times, because even though there’s a shelter every 1km along the trail from Timpohon Gate (the starting point at 1,866 metres) to the Laban Rata accommodation compound, you don’t want to get soaked! Especially when you’ve ascended into the next cooler climate!

Snacks, like energy bars will curb mood swings. You’re tired because your blood sugar level is a bit low, and your metabolism seems to quicken as you climb higher and higher, so pack more snacks than you think you need.

You will be elated to have risen to and conquered the Mount Kinabalu challenge, just as our Danish adventure group will, but you want to get back to comfort as soon as possible, which is why one of our fully licensed minivan drivers will be at the Kinabalu Park Headquarters to transfer you back to your Kota Kinabalu accommodation! Contact our Head Office, for one of our experienced travel experts to arrange an itinerary to give you every chance to experience the Mount Kinabalu challenge!

Multiply your fun on our Multi-Activity-Day program!

Monday, October 6th, 2014 @ 08:00 Borneo Adventure, News, Tunku Abdul Rahman Park


It’s all about the outdoors in Sabah, Borneo, and a day of multiple island activities is such a popular program amongst our clients wanting a holiday experience with a safety-conscious operator such as ours, and contribute to responsible eco-tourism too!

Danny, one of our ‘Work for a Career’ PADI Divemaster trainees, guides Lucy and Daniel for the snorkeling and kayaking sessions of their 1-Day Multi-Activity program. During the guided sessions, Danny will offer his international clients an environmental education on our local area and encourage them to collect any marine debris found during their activities.

Daniel and Lucy are also staying at our trusted partner Shangri-La Rasa Ria Resort, of which we are an authorized agent for our shared clients’ recreational activities, such as scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking and jungle trekking. Their program includes transfers between the luxury accommodation and our premier Gaya Island beach house, a delicious buffet-style lunch of local cuisine, daily refreshments and marine park conservation fees.

Contact a member of our Head Office team of travel experts, and they will create the Sabah adventure you want, with your comfort and convenience as their highest priority!

Danes will ‘rumble in the jungle’ soon!


Following their orientation and briefing at our Head Office, for the next few days and nights, our adventurers’ from Denmark will be trekking along the historic Salt Trails of the Crocker Range mountains of Sabah!

During their 30-day Expedition Borneo! program, the group will tour the best Sabah attractions under our experienced supervision for each of their activities in the program.

Trekking the Salt Trails is an exhilarating few days that are quite challenging and will certainly broaden the mind – the ingredients of a true adventure!

Before each activity, one of our expedition leaders will deliver a presentation with Q&A for our adventurers’ to have a thorough understanding of what will be involved and most important to us, is their safety and enjoyment!

Nights will be spent at traditional village homestays along the Salt Trail, where they will be welcomed by hospitable locals inviting them to try the delicious local food and participate in dancing to traditional music for the real Borneo atmosphere!

Contact any member of staff at our Head Office, who possess vast knowledge and experience to create a program, for either small or large groups, to adventure the best Sabah has to offer!

Our Danish Expedition Borneo group climb to Low’s Peak!

Monday, March 3rd, 2014 @ 11:33 Borneo Adventure, Climb Mt Kinabalu, Danish Adventure Group, News

DK Adventures Mount Kinabalu

It’s great weather at Timpohon Gate in Kinabalu Park, as our first Danish group of the year begin their ascent to Mount Kinabalu’s Low’s Peak summit, an altitude of 4,095 metres above sea level!

For health and safety reasons, Kinabalu Park mountain guides will be escorting our adventurers’ all the way to the summit and back down.

As the group follow along the jungle route, there will be sightings of indigenous animals of Borneo and Kinabalu Park, particularly birds and insects.

Our group is taking part in our Expedition Borneo Program and currently spending 3 days and 2 nights at Mount Kinabalu which includes a Climbing Package inclusive of return transfers between Kota Kinabalu and Kinabalu Park, park fees, mountain guide fee, climbing permit, insurance, meals and accommodation is included.
Currently, a promotion is on offer for our 3D2N Standard Mount Kinabalu Climbing Package. It is the same rate as 2D1N, except the first day and night before your mountain climbing is free of charge and includes dinner too!

Contact one of our friendly Head Office team in KK Times Square to discuss a program suitable for your own Borneo adventure! We cater to a range of clients, from individual travellers to large groups.