Gaya Island setting for our adventurers’ to learn about conservation!

Friday, November 21st, 2014 @ 08:00 Conservation, Groups & Schools, News, Wild Borneo Expeditions

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Another adventure group of international school students visit our premier PADI 5 Star Dive Centre on Gaya Island!

The group of 50-strong marine enthusiasts explores the warm waters of the South China Sea through our snorkel safari island activity! The students are always under the supervision of our PADI professionals who will guide them on each session of snorkelling at the different snorkelling sites too!

In the afternoon, our island staff team gathered the excitable bunch on the beach in front of our beach house to collect any marine debris found along the Gaya Island shoreline nearby. The practical contribution to marine conservation offers a lasting impression for our young adventurers’ to gain appreciation about the positive impact their selfless volunteering has on our natural environment!

We look forward to their next visit back to Kota Kinabalu, which by that time, a scuba diving activity could be arranged to experience a new adventure!

For more information on programs our Gaya Island facilities offer, contact our Head Office where one of our travel experts will create a suitable itinerary, and for any size group too!

International students from Vietnam visit Downbelow’s Gaya Island beach house!

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014 @ 16:50 News, Wild Borneo Expeditions


Our Downbelow PADI 5 Star IDC beach house welcomes an awesome group of students from the British International School Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and Wild Borneo Expeditions! Our full time staff of PADI professionals are with them for their entire snorkeling program today, for their safety as well pointing out the beautiful marine life!

The snorkeling program consists of two sessions for the students to experience the unique biodiversity of our tropical reefs in Tunku Abdul Rahman Park.

Our guides are highly experienced in leading small and large groups, with safety always the highest priority. Their knowledge of marine biology is highly developed and they’re always happy to share it because they are passionate about marine life, particularly its conservation.

Conservation of our marine environment is a shared passion amongst PADI professionals and we are no exception. For all our clients who visit our Gaya Island beach house, it is most rewarding when they are made aware of an environmental concern.

During the snorkeling our group of students snorkeled and performed some skin diving and all the while not damaging any coral!

Our Downbelow beach house awaits the return of the marine enthusiasts’ next visit!

At Downbelow we are able to cater to small and very large groups for both snorkeling and scuba diving. Contact our Head Office in Kota Kinabalu Times Square to discuss a program for your needs when you want to visit us at Gaya Island!

Fun Snorkelling Session in Borneo For Dubai International School Students

Friday, July 5th, 2013 @ 15:12 Diving Malaysia, News, Wild Borneo Expeditions


All of us from Downbelow love having guests and especially those that come in numbers!

So a big thanks to our wonderful friends from Wild Borneo Expeditions for visiting our PADI 5-Star IDC Dive Centre with their international school group from Dubai.

They all had a great day with our team who conducted the snorkelling activities around the warm waters of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park.

We have lovely coral reefs without the crowds providing swimmers and snorkelers an ideal location for enjoying the tropical underwater world in a safe, comfortable environment.

The program is also an excellent pre-training experience for kids who want to explore the underwater world but are too young to dive with scuba in the open water.

International School Group experience fun snorkeling in Borneo


On Friday we welcomed another large group of youngsters and this time they were from an International School all the way from UAE.

They were brought over to our cozy heaven by the nice people from Wild Borneo Expeditions for a day of guided snorkelling and fun in the waters of Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, Borneo.

The conservation minded group were also happy to join resident PADI Course Director Richard Swann to shout out loud for Shark protection and show their support for the Project AWARE incentive “extinction is not an option”.

We hope they will share the message when they go back home and also bring back wonderful memories while they were in Sabah, including snorkeling the lovely waters here in Kota Kinabalu, Borneo.

Do you want to give snorkeling a try? Find out what you can see in the underwater world in a safe, easy and fun way. We have programs that cater to non-swimmers, beginners, intermediate and advanced snorkelers.

Contact us to find out more!

Downbelow Educates Students and Youths on the Plight of Sharks

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012 @ 17:31 Groups & Schools, News, Project AWARE, Wild Borneo Expeditions

Resident PADI Course Director Richard Swann gets the Sandakan students hooked on shark conservation

It’s been a busy day Downbelow’s PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre on Gaya Island here in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

We are currently hosting 2 groups; the one includes 24 students from the Sandakan Politeknik and the second involves 17 people from our friends at Wild Borneo Expeditions, who brought international students from a school in the UAE to visit us.

Despite the hustle and bustle around the island dive centre, Downbelow’s resident PADI Course Director still let his passion for marine conservation burn bight.

He managed to squeeze in some time for the good of sharks.

Explaining the peril that sharks face today – chiefly unsustainable finning and by-catch practices – he also gave a big-up to the AWARE Foundation and the good work that Project AWARE does concern this and other causes.

After the talk the students and participants were all keen to do their bit to help prevent sharks from disappearing from our planet and signed the shark petition.

Marine education and conservation is a constant and ongoing battle, and as ocean lovers it is everyone’s duty to do what we can. Have you signed the shark petition? Do you part here.

Wild Borneo Expeditions’ Dubai Group Snorkels with Downbelow

Monday, April 30th, 2012 @ 10:04 Groups & Schools, News, Wild Borneo Expeditions

Downbelow's staff keeping a watchful eye on the snorkelers from Wild Borneo Expeditions' Dubai school group

Our friends from Wild Borneo Expeditions and their group recently spent the day with Downbelow again, snorkeling the beautiful coves and bays of Gaya Island.

The group, consisting of students from an international school in Dubai, was watched over by our instructor team, ensuring their safety at all times throughout the day.

“Thank you to Downbelow and the team for another great day,” said Wild Borneo Expeditions’ Mia Robinson, “as usual our group had an amazing time.”

Wild Borneo Expeditions regularly use Downbelow’s awesome facilities and services on Gaya island, 10 minutes from Kota Kinabalu, to facilitate snorkeling, diving and marine conservation education for their groups.

Contact Downbelow for more information on what we can offer school, corporate and leisure groups.

New Instructors do EFR and Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor Courses

Monday, February 20th, 2012 @ 10:15 Courses, Emergency First Response, News, Wild Borneo Expeditions

Emergency First Response and Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor Course participants

The final step for our new PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors was to qualify as Emergency First Response Instructor.

Downbelow’s resident PADI Course Director and EFR Instructor Trainer, Richard Swann, took the helm to teach this course, and the Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor course to the PADI professionals.

Also spotted on the course was Mia, MD of Wild Borneo Expeditions, who joined to upgrade her skills to that of instructor as well.

After 2 days of mostly hard work and a bit of fun, everyone successfully qualified as instructors in both the Emergency First Response course and the Emergency Oxygen Provider course.

Well done to all.

Wild Borneo Expeditions Visit Downbelow

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011 @ 10:30 Diving Kota Kinabalu, Groups & Schools, News, Wild Borneo Expeditions

The student group from Wild Borneo Expeditions

School group event on Gaya Island, Kota Kinabalu: The Downbelow Beach House on Gaya Island was a hub of activity recently as a group of over 30 students invaded the island for a marine education adventure with Downbelow.

All the way from an international school in Dubai, and in the care of Wild Borneo Expeditions, the group of students were in the midst of discovering all Borneo has to offer.

Downbelow again had the honour of being chosen by Wild Borneo Expeditions to facilitated the marine portion of a group of theirs’.

A great day was spent on Gaya island and in the surrounding waters learning about, and getting up close and personal with the TAR park’s marine environment, all while under the watchful eye of the Downbelow crew, of course.

It’s the second time that Wild Borneo Expeditions and their group have visited us on the island, and already Downbelow is looking forward to their next group.

Check out more of the groups’ pictures in our album on Facebook.

Downbelow regularly conduct group activities, corporate events and adventure training at our PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre on Gaya Island and can tailor a package for pretty much any requirement.

To get a quote for your group or corporate adventure training or event, visit or phone us or send us an email right now.