Europeans Getting Their Adventures in Borneo


As part of their one month adventure program with Downbelow, our May group of young European explorers see Sabah not only from underwater as they did last week when they were based at our island for a week but also from the top by summiting the mighty Mt Kinabalu.

They have also been busy trekking through the pristine jungles of the Crocker Range in our Salt Trail program under the safe watchful eyes of our experienced Downbelow guides and Sabah Park Rangers.

There are not many places in the world where you can do all of this without much traveling involved and this is why Sabah as a wonderful place.

Find out more about our group adventure programs here. Contact us for more details.

Reef Rescuers to air this week on Astro


In April 2013, Astro organized and succeeded in its attempt to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest underwater cleanup which was held in Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, Borneo.

We were thrilled to be asked to be part of this event and the image above shows one of our dive boats in action.

The resulting TV program from this project is a documentary titled Reef Rescuers and will be shown on Astro’s Discovery Channel (channel 551) & Discovery HD World (channel 571) on 30th May at 7pm Malaysian time.

Downbelow was proud to be involved in this project which also saw the participation of more than a hundred divers coming from all over the world.

At the end of the 7 night-and-day program, more than 3 tons of garbage was collected which highlight the problem of garbage within the waters of the protected marine park.

We hope through this program, more awareness can be raised on the worldwide problem of trash and how all of us can change our lifestyle to combat it.

Additional PADI IDC Malaysia Dates


Good news!

Due to popular demand, we have scheduled and confirmed an additional PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) and Instructor Exam (IE) to this years schedule!

The new dates are for our next PADI IDC and IE are 11th July to the 28th of July 2013.

If you have been holding back those plans to push forward and become a PADI OWSI then this might be a sign for you to actually do something about your dream.

Join us before the start date to enjoy free IDC preparation workshops and training.

Photo above shows our current May 2013 PADI IDC candidates completing their confined water skills presentation just in front of our PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre, Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, Borneo. You can see more photos of them in action in our photo gallery.

PADI Divemaster Sabah Interns Progressing Well


Great progress is being made by our latest PADI Divemaster pro interns Martin, Chris, Karen & Christina who are working their way through the various PADI courses as part of their professional diving internship with Downbelow.

The foursome joined Downbelow just a week ago and will stay for a month to complete their PADI Divemaster course, after this Martin will remain with us to gain experience and complete his IDC this coming September. They also volunteered to help out with our conservation program when we removed another illegal net found within the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park last week.

Currently they are completing the Rescue Diver Course with Downbelow instructor Tim enroute to their PADI Divemaster program.

Awesome work guys well done!

KK PADI IDC In Full Swing

learn padi IDC in paradise

Downbelow’s May PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) is well underway with Platinum PADI Course Director Richard Swann leading the Go-Pro Instructor trainer team at our PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre.

The candidates Vui How, Mel, Charlie, Francis, Holly, Beth & Mike are coming along just fine & working very hard to achieve their goal.

The PADI IDC program is the most comprehensive of its kind in the world covering every aspect of the industry including dive theory, academic presentations from both staff & candidates, in-water skill development & candidate teaching presentations in both confined & open water.

Rescue training & stamina is also covered developing the “all round” professional skills expected of the dive instructor.

Keep up the great work guys we look forward to celebratory drinks together after the IE.

The photo above shows the candidates completing their confined water skills training on a typically beautiful day – you gotta’ love learning in paradise!

Why not join us for our next IDC & become a dive pro? You can check our schedule for this year. We might also have another IDC tentatively to be held in July, we will post the news if it happens.

You can always contact us for any details!

Never-ending Fight With Illegally Dumped Net in Borneo


The Downbelow staff team along with our pro interns have removed their third discarded net of the month from a popular reef in the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, Sabah. You can read about the first and second removal we did in the last few weeks.

This team will never give up the fight to keep our oceans clean but how we wish the illegal fishermen would understand if they continue dumping their nets into the ocean there will eventually be no fish left for them to catch let alone coral reef for marine-life to inhabit.

Big thanks to our interns for their assistance in removing this particularly large net which sat up in the water column in the most destructive way possible, trapping and killing numerous marine creatures.

Good news is it is not there any more.

Downbelow Passionate on Conservation

downbelow passionate about conservation

Richard and his PADI Divemaster students who are also Downbelow staff, Morin and Suzy posed for a picture on their way to another net removal project.

The environment needs as much love from as many people as possible to help it in its fight for survival and Richard is teaching his students through action that everyone can play their part and most importantly work together.

It is our hope that the love seeds we have for nature can be passed on from teacher to students, along with the knowledge learned & taught.

Downbelow is passionate about conservation and we are also the only dive center in Borneo that is 100% AWARE. Students who complete a dive course with us will receive an upgraded qualification card with the Project AWARE logo, an indication that they too, care for the ocean and its marine life.

So if you love nature like we do, then go with 100% AWARE, go dive with Downbelow!

Contact us for details on our conservation projects or you can view our past projects on our photo gallery.

PADI IDC Borneo Starts


Downbelow’s May PADI Instructor Development Course IDC has officially started on the 18th of May 2013 at our KK Times Square head office.

Downbelow’s Go-Pro Team would like to wish Vui How, Francis, Holly, Beth, Mike, Charlie & Mell all the best for their course.

As always we will be posting updates from the course.

Did you just miss the deadline? Don’t worry – Downbelow regularly conduct the PADI Instructor Development Course IDC throughout the year. Our PADI IDC’s are in such high demand we are considering schedually another course for July this year so watch this space !

Our next scheduled PADI IDC will be in September 2013. You can also check our PADI IDC programs for the whole year.

Contact us for details on how you can join our PADI IDC according to your preferred schedule.

Saving Coral Reefs of Borneo

downbelow conservation project

Downbelow Managing Director and PADI Platinum Course Director Richard Swann and his team of staff and our local PADI Divemaster trainees continued with the next phase of the coral replanting project over the weekend.

This time the team brought the prepared reef block and positioned them at the bottom of the ocean in Tunku Abdul Rahman Park Borneo.

This was probably the hardest part of the whole project as they need to carry the heavy modified water tanks up on the boat, secure them and then carefully bring them down.

Old tyres filled with concrete are then used to hold the containers in place so they remain even during stormy weather.

Now that the blocks are ready, next step will be planting the coral in our nursery to ensure they will grow before placing them here.

Good job guys!

You can view more photos at the gallery.

New Foursome Divemaster Interns in Borneo

divemaster internship borneo asia

Downbelow Managing Director & PADI Platinum Course Director Richard Swann welcomes our latest professional PADI Divemaster internship arrivals to our PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre, Gaya Island in the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Borneo.

Martin, Karen, Chris & Christina will spend the next month or so learning all the skills necessary to become dive professionals ready to work in the dive industry.

Only their second day in & they have already signed up for our latest net removal project. More on that in another blog post.

Great effort guys!