Great weather for learning to scuba dive at Downbelow 5 STAR IDC Centre in Tunku Abdul Rahman Park

Learn to dive with Downbelow in KK Borneo

Our guests are ready to try diving today and how lucky for them as it’s been perfect weather at Gaya Island!

Welson one of our full time instructors at our PADI 5 Star IDC dive centre will be teaching his students a few skills in shallow water before doing their first open water diving experience!

Amy, one of our Go PRO interns, assists as one of the components for her PADI Divemaster course. She will be acting as a certified assistant and must demonstrate role model behavior, which is expected of PADI professionals. Our Go PRO internship programs include more than just the course and Amy has a valuable opportunity to learn from the real diving experiences we offer at Downbelow.

Our maximum student to instructor ratio at Downbelow is less than PADI standards so our guests are really taken care of today! More importantly they will have an unforgettable first dive experience!

Our Downbelow interns train to be instructors in the PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Specialty Course


Today, in our Downbelow head office at KK Times Square, resident Platinum PADI Course Director Richard Swann instructs his students.

Richard highly encourages any professional diver to be certified as a PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Specialty Instructor.

The value of being accredited with such a program is to understand the administration of oxygen to an injured diver.

The importance of teaching a course that focuses on others’ lives is one that any employer will find a valuable qualification, as do our Downbelow Go PRO diving interns: Jen, Thibaut, Along and Ruslan who attended the PADI IDC Asia earlier this month. They should be proud of themselves to have come this far and for continuing to develop themselves.

At Downbelow, the PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider Specialty Instructor course is included for free with our 1 month PADI IDC Asia Go PRO scuba diving internship program.

We, at Downbelow, do all we can to help our interns to Go PRO in 2014!

Never dived? Join Downbelow’s PADI Discover Scuba Diving program for an unforgettable experience

Discover Diving with PADI DSD

Our 1 day PADI (DSD) Discover Scuba Diving program is so popular at Downbelow: today 4 guests are ready to explore the fantastic underwater world with our staff members, Mel and Along, taking good care of them.

Both initially joined our friendly Downbelow team as boat captains and through the PADI system of education and the opportunity offered by Downbelow, are now professional divers.

Mel qualified as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor during the May PADI IDC Asia and gives his colleague Along an insight into the duties of an instructor. Along partook in the PADI (IDC) Instructor Development Course earlier this month, with the encouragement of our resident Platinum PADI Course Director Richard Swann. During the IDC, it was a lot of hard work for Along, but with the support of Richard and his Go PRO team of Staff Instructors, he gained a passing score.

Before our next PADI IDC starting January, Along gains experience whilst assisting the instructors, which will benefit his performance on the instructor exam (IE).

Along’s perseverance to become an instructor is admirable and Platinum PADI Course Director is proving anything is possible and with our IE pass rate of 100% there’s a good chance for Along to Go PRO in 2014!

Downbelow Welcomes New PADI Divemaster Intern

Borneo New Divemaster Intern

Our resident Platinum PADI Course Director Richard Swann welcomes Amy Dixon, who has decided to become a professional diver with our PADI Divemaster internship.

Now that Amy has received her PADI materials, she will be introduced to various elements of a PADI Divemaster course, such as preparing logistics for a boat dive, acting as a certified assistant for a Downbelow instructor teaching any PADI program we conduct daily at our PADI 5 Star Downbelow IDC Dive Centre.

One of our friendly and professional team of Staff Instructors will oversee the progress of her program and internship, this instructor will be her mentor and instructor who will be dedicated to her throughout the program which is overseen by our resident Platinum PADI Course Director Richard.

Don’t worry about your schedule, Amy! Just enjoy your time with us! Our Downbelow team will get you ready to Go PRO in 2014!

PADI Discover Local Diving at Downbelow is all about a day of fun diving in Tunku Abdul Rahman Park

Sutera Sanctuary Lodges

A group of 7 of our friends from Sutera Sanctuary Lodges came to visit our PADI 5 Star IDC dive centre at Gaya Island.

A few are already certified divers and were guided by one of our enthusiastic Downbelow instructors, Vic. No doubt he found lots of exciting marine life for them to marvel during their 1 day PADI Discover Local Diving program.

Others from the visiting group experienced the PADI Discover Scuba Diving program with other instructors of Downbelow.

The last dive, everyone went diving together!

Get your friends to try diving! Downbelow staff love to go diving together and regularly go diving, even when not at work!

Proactive, Reliable, Friendly & Very Helpful


Our recent guest Linda from has this to say about Downbelow on her recent trip to the rooftop of Borneo.

“I booked our climb with Dive Down Below. From my initial enquiries, securing a booking and managing our climb once in Kota Kinabalu, they were proactive, reliable, friendly and very helpful.”

Hope to see you again soon Linda & Geoffrey and congratulations on conquering Mount Kinabalu!

Downbelow Attends The Glamorous Sabah Tourism Awards 2013

Sabah Tourism Awards 2013 sta2013

Downbelow Directors Richard & Joanne had the best night attending the Sabah Tourism Awards 2013 together with Ministers, Friends & Colleagues from tour companies from all over the Malaysian state of Sabah.

The grand event held at the Magellan Ballroom was a huge success with awards given in various categories, stage entertainment & a delicious meal followed by dancing.

This was a wonderful opportunity to catch up with industry friends, make some new ones & generally have a good time.

Big thanks to our friends from Pulau Sipadan Resort who we had the pleasure of spending the evening with.

Congratulations to all PADI IDC Asia Candidates

IDC Asia Pass

One of many reasons dive instructors are passionate about their diving career, is in sharing their students’ achievements. Downbelow’s resident Platinum PADI Course Director Richard Swann, alongside the GoPro staff team, can relate to this as they greet their interns back to the familiar Gaya Island beachfront of the dive centre.

A day of exams and delivering a presentation, followed by a day of having inwater skills examined, isn’t easy, but the IE candidates have been preparing for months then studying hard during the two week IDC where their schedule of skills demonstrations and theory in preparation for the instructor exam finds them a success in their IE today.

Along, Jen and Thibaut should be proud of themselves for furthering their diving career to the next level.

Congratulations to the three of them and Downbelow are excited to see their professional development in the future. How about… Master Scuba Diver Trainer?

Bamboo Sharks in Borneo


Even though the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park is just next to the city of Kota Kinabalu, the variety of marine animals that call this place home is enormous.

Among them is the Bamboo Shark that can occasionally be found resting under overhangs & coral blocks by day then hunting at night.

This awesome critter can be recognised by the faint bands that develop on the mature adult & white edging on the gill slits.

Come dive with the Downbelow team in Borneo and see what finds you!