We are pleased to announce the launch of our newly designed website!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our newly designed website!

Our business is growing and so is our website.We are very excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website.

Visit us at our new web address www.downbelowadventures.com.

We wanted to make the latest website faster, easier to navigate and more user-friendly with plenty of information.
We hope that you enjoy our new website and that you find it easy to navigate and pleasant to use.


Downbelow experience in Sabah’s tourism industry!

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On Tuesday, 17th of November 2015. I learned about the marketing for Downbelow with Elizabeth. She explained to me what does she do everyday and how does it work. She taught me how to promote Downbelow in the websites that she posts everyday. After that, I counted the stocks for the t-shirts.

On Wednesday, 18th of November 2015. I counted the stocks at the storage to see if there is still enough food, beverages and also other materials for the office, lodge and the beach house at the island. After that, I filed up the papers and I got to learn how to aluminate the papers. Then, I got to learn how to order stocks from other company and fax them the list of items that is needed from them. Besides that, I also got to learn how to make transfer list.

On Thursday, 19th of November 2015. I went to the island with my mentor, Sarah. We went there to dive and it is called Discovery Scuba Diving. It was quite scary because it is my first time to dive in the ocean. During briefing I was already scared because I thought I couldn’t do all the skills inside the water. After the briefing and change into our wet suits, we went inside the water to test the skills that was told by the instructor. I failed doing it few times and finally I manage to do it even though there are problems in the beginning. Then, we went back to the beach house to rest for a while and then we continue the second session open water discovery 1. We went down from the jetty and I have to jump using giant stride. At first I was panic when I jumped from the jetty because my mask slipped out from my face. But then luckily I was all right. So we went down deeper we dived at the beach shore reef. It was nice and many fishes there. I was scared so I keep on holding the instructor so that I feel safe. After diving for half an hour we went up to the surface and take lunch. After lunch, we continue for the second dive in married reef. We went there by a speedboat. When we reached there I have to dive from the boat. I was also scared but I did it. Then, we went down in there I saw many types of fishes and I saw a moray eel too. I didn’t know the name of the fishes but it so colorful and so beautiful. I finally got to see a clownfish and its own coral where it stays. We went on, then for the first time I saw a school of fishes swimming and I got more excited. I was hoping to see a turtle but I didn’t. Half an hour later we went up back to the surface. I was shocked we were some where far from the place we went down. Few minutes later the boat came and fetch us. We went back to the island then change into dry clothes. I received a certificate from the instructor. I felt so happy and it was very fun to dive. I hope I can go diving again and this time I hope I can see a turtle.

That’s my report for today.

Heather Zeta Ludi

Downbelow Work Experience Memoirs!

Hello, my name is Heather Zeta Ludi. I am fifteen years old and I am schooling at SM St Joseph Papar. Now it is the school’s holiday for two months. There is nothing to do in this month of November besides going out with my family or friends and going for my usual sports training. So, I decided to find a job to fill my leisure times and getting some experiences on how working really is.

My father got a job for me at Downbelow in Kota Kinabalu Times Square. After my father told me about the news that I am going to be working. I was very excited about it but at the same time feeling lazy as well. Finally I got to overcome the feeling of laziness and packed my stuffs to stay with my father.

On Monday, 9th of November 2015, was my first day of internship at Downbelow. I was introduced to each staff there by one of the staff there too which is my mentor and I also met the director After that, I began doing the works that I was asked to do.

First of all, I was asked to follow one of the staff to check on the stocks for the office, lodge, and beach house at the island. I learned that it is important to check all the stocks because everyday the stocks are subtracting and new stocks are coming. So it is a must to write down the number of things or food and beverages left and which is need to be added some more. Besides that, I also did some counting one the books stocks and filed up the papers.

The next day, on Tuesday 10th of November 2015. I did the same work as I did on the first day but only filing up the papers because I haven’t done doing it and there are few more files that I haven’t finish filing. I only took half a day to work because it is the Indian’s public holiday, which is Deepavali.

On Wednesday, 11th of November 2015. I filed up the papers that I haven’t finished doing yet. After that, I counted the masks, gloves, and hoods to make sure that the number of the equipment are the same as it is stated on the paper. Then, I learned about the fishes, sea slugs, and coral reefs. I got to know that there are seven types of Clownfish and I was a little curious about it. I looked at the commercial playing on the screen at the diving shop. So I asked many questions from my mentor. She answered my questions and I was amazed and can’t wait to dive at the island. I also got to know what is the full name for PADI.

On Thursday, 12th of November 2015. I read more about the marine biology. Then, my mentor explained to me about the gears and suits that is being use by the divers inside the sea. After that, my mentor demonstrates to me how to put on the diving equipment and what is the use of the equipment. I also learned how to attach broken straps to the underwater watches. Lastly, I combined the registration forms for the divers and also counted the stocks for the underwater torch or headlamps.


Heather Zeta Ludi

Pulau Tiga can be healthy for Sabah visitors!

Sunday, September 13th, 2015 @ 08:00 News, Sabah Travel Centre

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The volcanic mud located at Pulau Tiga Island can be healthy for Sabah visitors, as it is believed to have therapeutic properties!

Pulau Tiga is also known as ‘Survivor Island’, as it was the very first location of the hit US television game show series of the same name, in which contestants had to face challenges to test their mental and physical stress. And the winner of the $USD1 million isn’t voted off the island within the 39-day period! Luckily, the participants had the mud volcano baths to immerse in for sore muscles after completing any physical challenge!

Downbelow’s Sabah Travel Centre guests, David and Rachel, experienced the strange sensation of relaxing in the natural mud baths and were surprised how much they enjoyed it!

Contact us for our travel experts to arrange a Pulau Tiga 1-day trip to add to your Sabah adventure!

Face of the Downbelow empire!

Thursday, September 10th, 2015 @ 08:00 News, Sabah Travel Centre

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What does the face of the Downbelow empire look like? When visitors pass by our KK Times Square HQ, the window stickers give a glimpse of what is offered!

Based at the HQ, is our Kota Kinabalu Dive Shop on the ground floor, which is very obvious in the central courtyard of the Times Square complex. On the first floor, the window stickers above show all passers by the many activities we cater to, such as white water rafting, mountain climbing, wildlife safaris, marine-based activities and dream travel destinations!

There will be more images showcased on the front of our KK Dive Shop doors and the windows of the Sabah Adventure Lodge above our Sabah Travel Centre and multimedia classroom facilities, which will reflect more of our vision and overall direction.

Our location is Lot 33-G, Block F, so do come in to visit and see what adventure we can create for you in Sabah!

Professional duty to keep diving at Downbelow!


Our island staff team don’t give up, even during the rain, because it’s a professional duty to keep diving at Downbelow providing the conditions are safe!

Of course, there are extra challenges to organise the daily leisure diving program when it’s really pouring down with rain, but if our captains can safely handle the boat to the dive site and the conditions are safe for our clients then nothing stops our ‘Pro Divers’ from diving! 

We will often contact our clients to ask whether they wish to continue with their snorkelling program or reschedule for another day. We also do not advise young children to join on heavy rain days not because of safety but because they won’t enjoy it. Most divers however are not dissuaded by the rain. After all we’re gonna get wet anyway!

No matter the weather, our island team will supervise all in-water activities to ensure the safety of our guests are their highest priority.

For more information on our dive centre operations, contact our Sabah Travel Centre in Kota Kinabalu, where our experts are more than happy to create a personalised itinerary to experience one of our daily island programs!

Dive Shop/Sabah Travel Centre ready for more!

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015 @ 11:12 Dive Shop, News, Sabah Travel Centre

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Our Downbelow KK Dive Shop and Sabah Travel Centre are ready to offer clients more travel to see beautiful Sabah, ‘Land Below The Wind’!

It’s been a little more than a month since the first day of the ‘Big Move’ from our previous HQ to our new premises, and we couldn’t be happier!

The ground floor, which is predominantly our Kota Kinabalu Dive Shop, is a brightly-lit space with our products being displayed in a variety of methods. New products are still on the way, so there’s still plenty to arrive, which will surprise even us!

Towards the back of the ground floor, a few of our travel experts are always available from 9am to 6pm for a consultation on, for example, a scuba diving package to visit Sipadan Mabul Island Resort SMART; discovering endemic Borneo wildlife at Danum Valley’s Borneo Rainforest Lodge, or via river cruise from the Kinabatangan River in Sandakan; and so much more! For a more in-depth discussion to make your Sabah holiday truly epic, upstairs is our Sabah Travel Centre hub for a bit more privacy – maybe you’re planning a surprise marriage proposal underwater on our popular 1-day PADI Discover Scuba Diving program!

It’s only been a month and already it feels like home, and we’re still not done evolving into the agency of adventure that you want and need when you’re touring Borneo, so come in every once in a while to see what changes we’ve made.

For more information on the services of our Kota Kinabalu Dive Shop and Sabah Travel Centre, contact our HQ.

First Independent Downbelow guests to visit Mount Alab!

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015 @ 08:00 News, Sabah Travel Centre

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Marco and Jael are the first independent Downbelow guests to visit Mount Alab and conquer its Minduk Sirung peak at 2,050m altitude!

Two of our Sabah Travel Centre experts joined them on their mountain climbing adventure to ensure our partner operations went smoothly and their safety was always a top priority.

Their program was personalised with a mountain guide who possessed plenty of knowledge in the local environment, as well as experience with guiding the particular forests trails of the mountain too. For their health and safety, their English-speaking mountain guide escorts them on their ascent to Minduk Sirung peak, and descent to eventually reach Mahua Waterfall!

Both climbers and our two experts, Steph and Alice, recorded their expedition-style jungle trek on their phone cameras, digital cameras, and on one of the best items to bring on any Sabah adventure: Go Pro cameras!

Our KK Dive Shop stock both Hero3 and Hero4 models, with the perfect accessories to complement any of our Sabah Travel Centre’s packages.

For more information on climbing Mount Alab, contact our Kota Kinabalu HQ, for our experts to create an itinerary just for you!

Family of four on wildlife safari!

Monday, July 20th, 2015 @ 08:00 News, Sabah Travel Centre

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Family of four on wildlife safari in Sabah’s east coast, learn about the natural biodiversity that can be found in our ‘Land Below The Wind’!

Grant and Vivien Alexander, with their children Hamish and Eden, travelled to Sandakan on our 4D3N Boutique package to visit the Kinabatangan River, which also includes 1 night at Selingan Turtle Island. All operators used within the program focus on ecotourism for visitors to gain a deeper appreciation for environmental conservation.

One of the Alexander family’s favourite parts of their trip together was visiting the incredible Merbau Tree on a jungle walk from their riverside lodge located along the Kinabatangan River!

Families can experience many adventures in Kota Kinabalu and Sabah together, and be rest assured their safety is supervised by experienced guides and trainers always. They will be returning to Sabah in the near future, from Australia, to complete our popular 2D1N climb Mount Kinabalu program. They have also decided on integrating the ‘Basic via Ferrata “Teaser” package’ (and on promotion too!) to experience the challenge of descending the new via Ferrata; its 50-metre route will be completed in time to coincide with the re-opening of Mount Kinabalu’s summit trail as far as the Laban Rata plateau.

Contact our Sabah Travel Centre experts for more information on the variety of adventure travel programs you and your family can experience together!

Celebrate Sabah’s nature at Mahua Waterfall!

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015 @ 08:00 News, Sabah Travel Centre

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In a 1-day itinerary celebrate Sabah’s nature at Tambunan’s Mahua Waterfall under a program personalised by our Sabah Travel Centre experts!

In Kampung (‘Village’) Patau, running through the dense primary dipterocarp forests, Sungai (‘River’) Lobou and Kulanggi meet at the 17-metre vertical plunge Mahua Waterfall. The natural surroundings of the Crocker Range are simply peaceful and intensely green, although many visitors try their luck to spot some colour in the form of the worlds’ largest and rarest flower species: the Rafflesia!

Downbelow’s Sabah Travel Centre offer a leisurely program to experience such attractions as, the Butterfly Farm and Orchid Orchard, Tambunan Rafflesia Conservation Centre. One of the tour highlights is a local lunch at Gunung (‘Mountain’) Alab with a stunning view of Sabah’s Crocker Range, and around 5pm latest, one of our licensed minivan drivers will transfer guests back to their Kota Kinabalu city centre accommodation.

After such a relaxing day in the forests of Tambunan, guests are ready to try a new and exciting adventure, such as learning to scuba dive in the TAR marine park – in yet another 1-day program!

For more information on the 1-day trips our travel experts can arrange for your Sabah holidays, get in touch!