About Sabah, Borneo & Kota Kinabalu

//About Sabah, Borneo & Kota Kinabalu
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A biological melting pot for land and marine life, cultures and peoples

A local farmer preparing his produce for the market (farmer, fruit, bananas, market, truck, sabah, man)

Many books have been written about Sabah’s fascinating people, wildlife, land, sea and history, so to condense this into a few pages will require some thought.

Below we try to introduce you to information about Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and Borneo that will help make your holiday here a little more informed, if not a lot easier.

Our Photography Collections section of the website shows many images of the wildlife that we spotted throughout our travels whilst researching Sabah.

All images were photographed on location in the wild by Richard Swann (Downbelows Managing Director).

A map of Sabah, Land Below the Wind